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Welcome to is the very first website in the world dedicated entirely to sandboarding. This is where it all started.

Millions of interested ones have been introduced and inspired by this amazing sport.

Sandboarding is a healthy activity, eco friendly, inexpensive and a whole lot of FUN! 

If you like snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding you're going to LOVE sandboarding! 


Always Use Quality Gear

Use quality gear and take care of it. Make any repairs it may need long before your next session. You don't want to get out there and realize you can't ride because it's missing a bolt. Choose gear that is right for how and where you ride. 

Stance is important so be sure you set the correct stance right away to get in the habit of riding clean.

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Your First Sandboard Lesson

Take a quick sandboarding lesson from pro champion and DRI certified sandboard in structor, Matt Walton.

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