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The Great Erg

Issouane N'Tifermine Desert - Ohanet - ( part of Sahara) in the eastern part of Algeria. About 3 miles(5km) long and 1500ft (450m) high.

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Bolson de Fiambala - Tinogasta - Catamarca Province
Centro Minero - Las Grutas - Rio Negro - Good sandboarding dunes on long beautiful beaches.
Isla Escondida - Rawson
Monte Hermoso - Bahia Blanca - Buenos Aires
Penninsula Valdez
Puerto Piramides - Chubut

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South Australia
The Dust Hole - Adelaide / Large dunes stretching about 5km along the coast between the surf beaches of Lizards and Daily Heads. Including dunes with both singing and booming sand. There is one very long run at the Daily Heads end.
Hardwick Bay Sand Dune - Adelaide
Lake Eyre South - Adelaide - (this sandhill, located close to the ancient temporary lake, has smooth, clean white sand perfect for riding a sandboard. The top of the sandhill is slightly rounded and increases in steepeness further down. Watch our for the thorn bushes at the very bottom.)
Little Sahara - Kangaroo Island
Mount Monster - Adelaide - (located at 16 mile crossing the coorong need a good map to find it unless you spot the 700 metre plus long dune pretty hard to miss. Then head to the right facing the ocean, approx 25 metres of vetical rock hard sand followed by 500m or more of suicidal dowhhill with plenty of tree stumps at speed`s to make most people bail.)
Norlunga Beach - Point Norlunga - Adelaide
Southport Beach
Salt Creek - Adelaide - (along the coorong, at salt creek enter national park and cross at tea tree crossing and over to the left is one excellent dune.)
Waipinga Beach
Watson's Beach - Adelaide - (Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula. One very large dune stretching around in a crescent with radius aprox. 100m. Mostly free of vegetation. Lots of variation in gradient of slopes and length. Runs down the back side of the crescent as well.)

Coolum Beach
Double Island
Fraser Island
Moreton Island
Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Gorge - Fraser Island - Gympie ( 100 meters high and steep )
Stradbroke Island

New South Wales
Cronulla - Sydney - ( Actually called Green Hills. This is an area just north of Wanda Beach (near Cronulla). Park in the Wanda car park and walk past the two metal gates along the poorly sealed road. You'll see the dunes on your left after ten minutes. The best dunes are further back. Four or five good hills, and one fun chute.)
Hat Head National Park - Macksville - ( Dunes cover as far as you can see to north and south. Assorted dunes small tight packed ones to 200 meter near verticle many natural jumps and dropoffs one massive bowl with water in base exellent for tricks.Located south of Macksville.)
Hungry Head - Crescent Head - ( 40 - 50 meter )
Kingscliff Dunes - Kingscliff, Tweed Heads, Brisbane - ( 10 metres high, only 2 runs, some shorter steeper runs or longer flatter runs. Not much sand dune grass )
Kurnell Sand Dunes - Sydney
Lucky Bay - Kalbarri
Nelson's Bay - Sydney
Newcastle - Sydney
Palm Beach - Sydney - ( single dune, backside run)
Ryan's Cut - Crescent Head - ( along the beach near Crescent Head )
Stockton Beach Dunes - Newcastle (huge dune field)
Ulladulla - Sydney (mostly covered with dune grass)
Wamberal Beach - Gosford ( situated between terrigal and wamberal a good ten meter steep sand dune weedy in parts but a strip of plain sand in the middle )

Cape Paterson / Second Beach - Inverloch - ( Runs between 40 - 80 metres, clean and some are steep. Bring your surf board.)
Croajingalong Sand Dune ( over 100 meters )
D Bay - Portland
Johanna Surf Beach - Great Ocean Road
Koonya Beach - Sorrento
Lakes Entrance
Phillip Island
Sorrento Back Beach - Melbourne - (Serious gradient with dropoffs, jumps.)
Wilsons Promontery
Levy's Point - Warrnambol (good range of dunes with long smooth rides, some very steep)
Lime Hill
Powlett's River - (10-15 km from Wonthagi)
Tangalooma Sand Dunes - Moreton Island

Western Australia
Hastie Dunes - Bunbury - ( Good dunes, good jumps. )
Bluff Creek - Albany
The Bowl - Bunbury
Bunbury - Perth - ( Plenty of jumps,slides, dropoffs and long runs
Burns Beach - Perth - ( Mid size dunes. Hard sand 60 degree slopes. Good for beginers.)
Cragie - Perth - ( Fast and narrow tracks, right behind Cragie Senior High School.)
Esperence Sand Dunes
Fitzgerald River National Park - Hopetoun - ( between Esperence and Albany, directly west of Hopetoun. Local knowledge is needed to find the dunes and only 4 wheel drives can access these huge dunes.)
Lancelin - Perth - (Huge dunes, half pipes drop offs and huge air sections. A must for the top boarder)
Melross - Mandurah - (Terrible hike up dunes if you go the wrong way. Can get very windy up on the top.)
Mindarie Keys - Perth - (Sick jumps, cool drop offs, fast insane downhill runs.)
Moats Lagoon - Albany - ( 1-2 hr trek through swampland from Two Peoples Bay road. Everything from small technical runs to monster dunes with a thousand lines to choose from.)
Moore River - Perth
Mulluloo Beach - Perth - (nice clean dunes about 200 metres left of the surf club, nice tracks a few large ledges and a bottom jump.)
Myalup Beach
Mylies Beach - Hopetoun - ( 45 degree slope it is made of powder sand and very fast. In winter the bottom of the dune has water after rain.)
Nanarrup - Albany - (Nanarrup is about 20km east of Albany. Small dunes but much fun to be had with a well placed kicker. Easy walking distance from car park but 4WD prefered because you can drive on most beaches in W.A )
Pinnacles Desert Sand Dunes
Preston Beach
Warryups - Albany - ( about 30 ks past cheynes beach. Dunes as far as you can see but lots of rocks on the bak side.)
Yallingup Beach - Perth - ( plenty of dunes accessable by 4WD. Great surfing as well.)
Yeagerup Dunes - (Margaret River)
Secret Harbour - (jumps, gaps, slides, chutes, drop offs, great runs / private property!)
Stark Bay - Rottnest Island
The Bowl - Swanbourne - Perth

Canunda National Park

Bicheno - Redbill Beach  - (One huge ride, cool waves too)
Bridport - Launceston - (plenty of cool slopes, wicked speeds)
Dolphin Sands - (various sized dunes and a nice sand bowl)
Henty Dunes - Strahn West coast, approx 50km north of Strahan. Called the biggest sand deposit in Tassy. Access by road.
Perin Dunes - St. Helens (huge dunes, wicked jumps - rent boards in St Helens)

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OOstduinkerke - Veurne - biggest dunes in all belgium, high grass and sand on the spot.
De Haan - Ostende - ( Dunes about 150 feet high with a little grass but not much. On the west side of the village you will find a sort of natural reserve. Grass jumps make it fun.

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Las Lomas de Arena - Santa Cruz de la Sierra - (30 -35 meters high)

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* Hawaii Dune-Alamedas Beach - Itapua - Salvador
* Imbui Dune - Imbui - Salvador
* Ipitanga Beach - Ipitanga - Salvador
* Jaua - Salvador
* Devil - Jaua
* Bowl - Guarajuba
* Costa Azul - Salvador
* Petromar - Stella Maris - Salvador
* Mangue Seco
* Coca Colas´ Lake - Belem
* Curitiba - PR - Sao Jose dos Pinhais


* Jericoacoara Beach - Rentals available on beautiful sand! CLICK HERE to see the dunes!

* Atalaia's Beach - Salinopolis - North Para CLICK HERE to see the dunes!

* Sabiaguaba - Fortaleza - (many big dunes and natural jumps)

Rio Grand do Norte:

* Buzios - Natal
* Cotovelo Beach - Natal
* Dunas de Genipabu - Recife or Fortaleza Natal
* Morro do Careca - Natal

Rio Grand do Sud:

* Imbe Beach
* Rondinha - Torres

Santa Catarina:

* Arimeia (at Armacao do Santinho) - Florianopolis
* Cidreira Beach - sud Brazil
* Dama Branca Park - Cabo Frio - Rio de Janeiro - ( 5km square close to Forte Sao Matheus beach with small and medium dunes - nice visitor center all are very welcome)
* Dunas da Joaquina - Florianopolis
* Garopaba
* Guardo do Embau - Pinheira - (Joaquina beach - beautifull location - major slope on a tiny beach on the left side of the Guarda river)
* Itapeva - Torres
* Itapiruba - Imbituba - Timbe Lake CLICK HERE to see the dunes!
* Praia Grande em Sao - Francisco do Sul

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  • Athabasca Sand Dunes - North Saskatchewan
  • Carcross Desert Dunes - Carcross - Yukon
  • Farwell Canyon Ridetrail Dune - Riske Creek - Chilcotin River Canyon Road
  • Great Saskatchewan Sand Hills - Saskatchewan Praires - Saskatchewan
  • McFarlane River
  • Sand Banks Provincial Park - Trenton - Ontario - about 1.5 mi east of Toronto
  • The Sand Hill Park - North Shore Lake Erie - Ontario
  • Sherkston Shores - Ft. Erie - Ontario - east end of Lake Erie - natural jumps

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  • Antofagasta - Calama - segunda region
  • Cerro Iman - Copiapo ( annual competitions )
  • Coloso Dunes - Antofagasta
  • Dunas de Con-Con - Renaca - located in the 5th Region of Chile 120 Km western Santiago. Good runs and a beautiful view
  • Dunas Entre Copiapo y Caldera - Copiapo - tercera region
  • Duna el Embudo - Copiapo - ( 1 of the best sandboarding dunes in Chile )
  • El Teniente - La Serena
  • Cerro Dragon - Iquique City
  • Scuola Italiana - Copiapo - ( competitions held here )
  • Vina del Mar - Renaca
  • Vina Marino - Nacimiento

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  • Gobi Desert Sand Dunes - (some of the highest in the world) - Gobi Desert
  • Mingsha Dunes - Dunhuang - Gansu Province
  • South East
  • Taklamakan Desert - N.W. China - (called the Desert of Death - " place where people go in but don't come out" 700 miles x 350 miles continuous field of 1000ft. dunes seperated by 200 - 600ft. dunes. )

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  • Dunas de Bani (Baní Dunes) - Santo Domingo - ( located 1.5 hours west of Santo Domingo, Yellow sand, sun all year. Located just beside the shore of Playa de Salinas (Salina's Beach), beautiful uncrowded beach. Las Salinas is a windsurfing haven with 10 square miles of virgin dunes.)

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  • Al Katania Dunes - 50 miles SW of Cairo - nice sand & fun dunes
  • Asswan - tombs along the Nile river
  • El Alamein - north mediterranean coast ( beautiful white sand but slow ride)
  • Gamasa - mediterranean coast dunes
  • Marsa Matrouh - white sand dunes right on the beach but slow ride
  • Sharm El Sheikh - Sinai - tip of the Sinai peninsula
  • Siwa - Siwa oasis ( excellent sand - 450+ ft.)
  • Wadi Rayyan Springs - Fayoum ( very small dunes - about 60 ft. )

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  • Dunkerque - Malo Les Bains Resort (Northern Coast of France)
  • Dune du Pilat - Arcachon (100-150m)
  • Stella-Plage - (20 kms of dunes along the sea - height: 118m x length: 2 700m - largest natural dune in Europe)
  • There is 20 kms of dune between Canche Bay and Authie Bay with Stella-Plage, a beach resort in between, (the sandboard city).
  • Le Touquet - (a big resort with the "Enduro du Touquet" - near Authie Bay there is Berck q health resort)

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  • Monte Kaolino - Hirschau - Bavaria ( 1000 ft. Sand Resort )

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  • Ladakh Plateau Sand Dunes - Leh

  • Rajasthan

  • Sam Sand Dunes - Jaisalmer

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    * Bettystown - Dublin - (15m high grassy and rough sand - secluded sand pit about 25m high and 75m wide with better sand)
    * Donegal County - NorthWest - ( Situated along the Atlantic Coast )
    * Port Stewart - North Coast - ( good dunes )
    * White Rocks Beach - Portrush
    * Tramore Sand Dunes - Waterford

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    * Ori's Dunes - Ashdod ( not very tall but steep enough )

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    * Salorno
    * Porto Pino Dunes Santa Anna Arresi - Sardinia
    * Stromboli Volcano Lipari Islands

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    * Chiba
    * Fugiyama
    * Fukuoka
    * Hamamatsu
    * Onjuku
    * Shimoda
    * Sunayama Beach - Miyako Island
    * Tottori Sand Dunes - Tottori

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    * Gabr Oun Oasis - Sebha ( beautiful oasis surrounded by dunes which can exceed 200m in height )
    * Ghadamis - Ghademis (oasis city surrounded by dunes )

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    * Chinguetti
    * Mauritania Dune Field
    * Nouckchott - (pritine dunes where the Sahara meets the Atlantic)

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    Baja California:

    * Dunas Algodones - Algodones - (close to Yuma Arizona - offroad ok)
    * Cantamar - Rosarito (just south of Rosarito - on the beach)
    * Carretera a Ensenada - Rosarito (beach dunes south of Rosarito)
    * Centinela - Mexicali - (desert dunes with steep side and natural jumps)
    * Dunas Cuervos - Cuervos
    * Duna Reyna - La Cruz - San Luis Rio Colorado (talleset in the system)
    * Rocky Point - (beach dunes)
    * San Felipe - San Felipe - (beach dunes offroad allowed)
    * La Jococa - (medium size dunes)


    * Samalayuca Sand Dunes - Cuidad Juarez - (huge desert dunes 45-60 min from El Paso Tx - 35 min south of Juarez Mexico)


    * Cuatrocienegas - Saltillo - (huge desert dunes)
    * Dunas de Bilbao - Torreon


    * El Golfo de Santa Clara - San Luis (big dunes)
    * La Cruz - San Luis Rio Colorado (big dunes 1 hour from San Luis)
    * San Nicolas
    * Los Arenales - Cuatrocienegas


    * Chachalacas - Mexico City (modest beach dunes)

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    Gobi Desert:
    * Khongor Dunes
    * Moltsog Els Sand Dunes

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    * Morocco

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    * Dune 3
    * Dune 7 - Walvis Bay - Erongo
    * Kalahari Desert
    * Matterhorn - Swakopmund
    * Sandwich Harbor
    * Skeleton Coast Sand Dunes
    * Swakopmund Dunes
    * Sossusvlei Sand Dunes - Rehoboth - ( nearest village is Maltahohe - 1,000 foot dunes. Camping facilities with showers.)

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    * Dutch Coastal Dunes
    * The Papenberg - Castricum
    * Schier Islands
    * Klimduin - Alkmaar - Den Helder - Noord-Holland (three 100 m.dune faces - 20 degrees - tourist area with beach resort)

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    * Cape Reinga - North Land
    * Ocean's Beach - Whangarei - North Island
    * Herbertville - Palmerston North - ( A Moderate to extremely steep dune (45 degree). White sand, bit soft tinged with vegetation. 300 meter long run though and about 100-200 meters high right on the beach along the east coast of the North Island.)
    * Mangawhai - ( 2 dunes - 30 m high with a 45-50degrees angle with lots of natural jumps from the (pingau) grass one big dune - 50-60 m with an angle of about45-50 degrees. )
    * Smails Beach - Dunedin - ( Some really steep dunes for draging and natural jumps formed by vegetation )
    * Sandfly Bay - Dunedin - (2 areas, either sides of beach north end, 2km long slope with natural jumps and drop offs roughly 20 degree slopSandfly bay is made up of two halves, south end there is heape of natural jumps, but is a steeper smaller hill while over the north side there is a great long hill for racing and above that a few drop offs and some more natural jumps)
    * Tangimoana - Palmerston North - ( Small dunes about 5 metres high with the longest run about 10-20 metres a short 30 KM drive outa town. A few drop offs which aren't good on a long board. Good fishing there too.)

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    * Cerro Negro

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    * Bousher Dunes - Muscat
    * Wahiba Sands - Sifah

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    * Makran Coast Sand Dunes

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    Duna Sandta - Trujillo - 23 kilometers
    El Filo de La Navaja - Casma
    Trujillo Sand Dunes - Trujillo (400 ft)

    El Sitio - La Molina -Lima (500 ft)
    Lomo de Corvina - Lima (600 ft)
    Pasamayo - Lima (1000 ft)
    Sarapampa - Lima (200 ft)

    Cerro Blanco - Nazca (2,078 m) - Mountain of fine white sand. Extremely tall!
    Paracas - Ica (150 ft)
    Duna Santiaguillo (323 m)
    Saraja - Ica (500 ft)
    Huacachina Oasis - Ica (800 ft) Dr.Dune rates Huacachina in the top ten locations.
    Paradise Dune - Ica - Paradise Park in Ica City.
    Hotel Las Dunas - Ica (300 ft)
    Ica Dunes - Ica

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    Leba - Leba
    Slowinski National Park - Bohaterow Warszawy (45-55 m tall)

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    Hallows Beach

    Middles - Isabela

    North Shore

    Plage Mar Chiquita - Manati

    Playa Jobos - Isabela

    Tunel de Guajataca - Quebradillas

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    Rub al-Khali The Empty Quarter
    Khamis Mushayt ( 60 meter runs )

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    Atlantis Dunes

    Aston Bay - Jeffreys Bay

    Betty's Bay - Capetown - ( take the Hangklip turnoff )

    Bonza Bay - East London - ( Entering Bonza Bay Beach you turn right and then walk to the second dune, thats it. It is a big bowl with no vegetation, about 100 meters high and quite steep.)

    Fish Hoek Dunes - Cape Town

    Greatbrak Dunes - George - ( Has a couple good ramping dunes. Very good for beginners.)

    Hout Bay

    Klein Krantz


    Lambertsbay Dunes

    Maitlands - Port Elizabeth - ( Coastal dunes. Long slopes and a natural bowl with a steep side perfect for racing at the mouth of the river.)

    Mount Mayhem - Benoni - Gauteng - ( Mine dump 500ft with natural jumps, quite long runs and fun. There is a parking area. No off road allowed.)

    Sedgfield Dunes - Sedgfield - ( Has a couple good ramping dunes, but one main VERY good dune ( 20 min.hike up). Good racing dune.)

    Shade - East London - ( Entering Bonza Bay Beach turn left and walk about half an hour until you see the sand dune"Shade" it is really shady and steep. Not many people know about it. It is really big and there is enough space to build a lot of ramps.)


    West Coast Restricted Diamond Area


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    Canary Islands Dunes - Canary Islands
    Elda Dunes - Elda
    Tarifa`s Dune - Southern Spain

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    Pottufil Sand Dunes - (The eastern coast of Sri Lanka contains the longest stretch of sand dunes in the country & are a part of the sand dune series which extends from Pottuvil to Panama seashore)

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    Tunisia Dunes

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    Dubai Desert - Dubai City - Dubai

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    Camber Sands - Sussex - ( beach dunes with small to medium runs right down to the public beach ) N.Wales
    Holywell Bay - Newquay - Cornwall - ( 3 huge dunes offerring steep long fast rides, drop offs, fly offs, lethal wall of sand quaterpipe, enough room to build up ramps. All this only a few miles from Newquay.)
    Porthdinllaen Dunes - Bangor - (small sand/clay cliff drop offs on beach, one long run with a big drop off.)
    Rhosnigor Dunes - Abberfraw - Anglesey
    Braunton Burrows - Barnstaple - North Devon - (Range of small drop offs, mogules and a bowl of hard packed sand. Highest Dunes in the UK)

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    Kobuk Sand Dunes - Kobuk Valley National Park - Ambler

    Artic County


    Ehrenberg Sandbowl - Ehrenberg

    Hot Well Dunes - Safford

    Parker Sand Dunes - Parker

    Yuma Sand Dunes - Yuma


    Buttercup - Glamis - ( South of Glamis, past Gordon's Well (freeway hill), across Hwy.8, smaller dunes and less people.)

    Carmel Beach - Carmel - ( Small dune but beautiful location. the sand is so good that the boards run on gentle slopes.)

    Death Valley National Park - Stovepipe Wells - ( Small Dunes. No offroad. )

    Dillon Beach - Bodega Bay - ( Good run located in an RV park" )

    Dumont Dunes - Baker - ( 455ft. Home of the "World Back Flip Record" )

    Eureka Sand Dunes - Death Valley National Monument - (680+ ft.)

    Gordon's Well - Glamis

    Guadalupe Dunes - Guadalupe

    Ibex Dunes - Saratoga Springs

    Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area - Glamis

    Indian Rocks - Lake Los Angeles - ( private dune bank for films )

    Kelso Sand Dunes - Baker - ( 600ft. - no offroad - pink feldspar )

    Marina State Beach Marina - ( very limited area but extreme runs! )

    Montana de Oro State Park - Los Osos - ( now closed to sandboarding )

    Fort Ord - Seaside - ( small dunes, 40-50 ft.)

    White Water - Palm Springs

    Manilla Dunes - Grassland Community - Arcata/Eureka ( Very small - no offroad )

    Panamint Dunes - Panamint Valley

    Pismo Beach Dunes - Pismo Beach / San Luis Obispo

    Point Mugu Sand Bank - Pacific Coast Hwy. - Pt. Mugu

    Pudding Creek - Fort Bragg ( small dune at the creek's mouth & the Pacific Ocean + parking )

    Rice Valley Dunes - Death Valley

    Saline Valley Dunes - Death Valley

    Salmon Creek - Bodega Bay ( small coastal dune on Sonoma State Beach )

    Ten Mile Beach Dunes - Cleone ( small to medium size with nice sand )

    The Pit - Sand City ( Easy access - huge bowl right on the beach. )

    Superstition OHV Park - El Centro - (The Sand Dam / 409. Steep runs and jumps.)

    Tomales Bay

  • Castle Creek Dunes - Castle Creek
  • Great Sand Dunes National Monument (700+ ft.)
  • Waldon Dunes - Waldon - near Jackson and Steamboat Springs

  • Florida:

    National Seashore - Pensacola - 150 ft. A barrier island in the panhandle. Relatively flat with a steady grade to a 110 ft. face on 1 killer dune about a mile long. The drop sends you into Pensacola Bay. *This is a protected area. Sandboarding here may get you a fine!

    Sugarhill Sand Dunes - Jensen Beach


    Barking Sands - Nohili Point - Kauai

    Honu Point - Kauai

    Ka Lae Okaiwa - Kauai

    Kokole Point - Kauai - (kite sandboarding)

    Puu Poa Marsh - Kauai

    Waikoko Beach - Kauai

    Wainiha Bay - Kauai


    Bruneau Sand Dunes

    St.Anthony Sand Dunes - Rexburg - (400ft) sandboard rentals


    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore & State Park - Chesterton / Porter (NS)

    Mt. Baldy - Michigan City (NS)


    Cape Cod - Coastal Dunes

    Cranes Beach - Ipswitch


    Little Sable Light Station - Mears - Dune banks & trails.

    Mt. Bald Head - Saugatuk Laketown

    Saugatuk Dunes - Saugatuk Laketown

    Silver Lake Dunes - Mears - State Park

    Sleeping Bear - Empire (NS)

    Warren Dunes - Bridgman / Sawyer - State Park


    Nebraska SandHills

    New Jersey :

    New Jersey Sand Dunes


    Amargosa (400 ft) - Beatty

    Sand Mountain (600 ft) - Fallon

    New Mexico:

    White Sands National Monument - Alamagordo

    New York:

    Long Island - very small dunes.

    North Carolina:

    Jockey's Ridge State Park - Outer Banks - Nags Head ( Best sandboarding on the east coast. Good sand for sandboading - very small dunes. A permit is required but is free. )


    Little Sahara Sand Dunes - Waynoka


    Barview - Northern Oregon

    Bayshore - Waldport ( 80 ft. chutes with jumps & beach runs )

    Cape Kiwanda - Pacific City ( Huge 500' sand island right on the beach )

    Honeyman State Park - Florence ( 250' with chutes and water runs )

    Horsfall Camp Grounds - North Bend ( 200 ft. offroad allowed. Great camping on the 101 Hwy )

    Lost Forrest - Central Oregon ( 100ft. tall dune field - offroad allowed )

    Manzanita - Northern Oregon

    Nehalem Bay - Northern Oregon

    Oceanside - Northern Oregon

    Oregon Dunes Recreation Area ( 300ft. Coos Bay to Florence )

    Sand Master Park - Florence ( World's first sandboard park! )

    South Jetty - Florence ( lots of natural jumps & beach runs )

    Spinreel Hill - Lakeside ( on hwy.101 5 miles south of Winchester Bay )

    Winchester Bay - Reedsport ( 'Sand Fest' is held each August - Many dunes various terrain. Off road allowed )

    Rhode Island:

    Burrivle - Providence

    Coventry Sand Dunes - Mishnok Lake - Coventry( Large area with many dunes. Vehicles are prohibited. )


    Monahans Sandhills State Park - Monahan


    Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park - Kanab

    Little Sahara Sand Dunes Recreation Area - Delta

    Sand Hollow State Park - Hurricane


    Range Road - Jerico - ( Old military sand quarry. Steep dunes left.)


    Virginia Beach ( small dune made of coarse sand and shell fragments )


    Beverly Dunes - Beverly

    Moses Lake Dunes - Moses Lake


    Killpecker Sand Dunes - Rock Springs - (200 ft.)

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    Bajada 6 - Montevideo - (saliendo de montevideo - tiene buenos lugares, cortos pero)


    El Pinar

    Las Vegas - Parque del Plata ( Rampas cortas pero muy buenas para tricks )

    Parque del Plate


    Punta Del Este - Chiguagua Beach

    Chiguagua Beach
    Punta Colorada - Pirriapolis City


    Barra de Valizas (100m)

    Cabo Polonio - La Paloma (75m) ( beautiful white sand with impressive view )

    Santa Teresa's Park

    Balizas - La Paloma (130-150m) ( long runs, agressive terrain with natural ramps )

    Valizas - Valizas ( 150 mts with natural downs )

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    Coro Dunes

    Pico Pan de Azucar

    Piedras Blancas

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    Mui Ne - Phan Thiet ( fairly small white sand and red sand dunes )


    Ly Nhon Thon

    Tam Ky

    Thon My Thuy

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    Marib Province - 105 miles east of Sanaa

    Western United States