Las lomas de arena
NEAREST CITY = Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Well, according to specialists itīs a small desert in formation which little by little is growing year by year.Afortunatenly itīs surrounded by jungle which in someway contains it."Las lomas", as we call it around here, spreads more than 100 and so hectares and is only about 14 km. from downtown Santa Cruz.Half of the way is paved and then rest is dirt, sand and mud! Once your there and as you come out of the sub tropical jungle-savanah you find your self with a breath taking view of about 100 meter high dunes with cristal clear fresh lagoons in the middle of the dunes, so when ever you get hot or covered with sand after a wipe out surfing down the dunes, theres plenty of water to cool down and charge up to start climbing up those dunes while yourthinking of the next trick or jump your gonna do on your next ride down.There are no places to stay near by other than in the city but you can always go camping, prior to have checked the weather for the next day so you'll! ! be sure you won't have wind which gusts up pretty hard around here.What else can i say,............well there's only a very small number of us that sandboard 'round here 'cause people don't know about it.The weather here is mostly hot all year round,the rainy season is between Nov. and Jan. and othe than that we've always got an excellent weather down here.Last thing I can say about Santa Cruz is that the girls are "SUBLIME" over here! So when ever you feel like checking us out, feel free to contact me for more info.

Submitted by: <"mail">David Spitz Steinbach