The Bowl - Swanbourne Beach


The infamous bowl, named because of its numerous runs all ending in the same spot, in the centre of the whole thing. Basically it is just one big bowl with runs ranging from practically verticle to long and less steep. Plenty of gaps and slides too.

Unfortunatly the bowl is located past the swanbourne nude beach and on very hot days, when the beach is packed, its not a pleasant experience walking the 2 kms along the beach until you get to it, littered with naken old men. Another downside to it is that it is located behind the Campell Army Barracks and they shoot at targets in the vacinity of the area, meaning that the barracks own the bowl and when the red flags are up on either side of it, you can't go anywhere near it without the company of special army service telling you to take off. Theres no way you can hide from these guys! On numerous occasions we have got up at about 5 in the morning and got down there before anyone else, hidden in bushes, then having men stolling up and saying they caught us on radar.

There are hundreds of runs all around the bowl, in the entrance and around the area we always discover new jumps and acid drops aswell as long and exciting runs. The dunes have bushes and scrub in some parts, which we should try to avoid as they hold the dunes up in most parts. But we can't resist building one up and getting huge air of of them probably leading to further dammage of the dunes.

The sand can get bloody hot during the summer so be prepared to have a relativly long trek out there. Remember to bring heaps of water and food which doesn't make you thirsty because out there, no where close to 20 minutes to water or food, when you get hungry is one of the worst things about the place. And the fact that after a session when you can hardly move and your legs won't work, then having to walk the 2 - 4km walk back to your house really tests your stamina.

All in all it makes a session really really fun with they way it changes contantly due to it being close to the beach, so you could go down one weekend and rip the shit out of one part and come back and it could look totally different leaving you with new and better ideas of how to ride it.

submitted by : Ben Shann